Who are We?

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We are Labour, Conservative, Apathetic, Liberal, Democratic, Socialist, Right Wing, Left Wing, Green, Nationalist, Internationalist, European, Brexit Loving, Brexit Hating students from across the country taking back control of our future through the medium of opinion writing!

We strive to provide a comprehensive array of political views, from every corner of politics, written by students, for students. 

Join us, and together we can change student politics for the better.


Meet The Team

The Front Bench is ran by a small team of student volunteers from the University of Salford.


Stuart - CEO and Co-Founder

Stuart is a second year student in International Relations & Politics at the University of Salford, he loves how politics brings out passion in people and the mechanics of Parliament and how it functions. Stuart is a member of the Conservative party and regards himself as a centre-right Conservative, but he is not afraid to hold any party to account, even his own if he disagrees with their policies.

Stuart is also our Editor-in-Chief, it is his job to review every article submitted for errors and to ensure it complies with our terms and conditions.


Jack - COO and Co-Founder

Jack is a second year student in Politics at the University of Salford. His background is in trade unionism and digital media, having worked with MEPs, MPs and Charities to improve their digital management. Jack is a member of the Labour and Co-operative Parties, and regards himself as a Democratic Socialist.

Jack also manages our administration, social media channels & website.