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A Sarcastic Letter to Boris Johnson

To the former Foreign Secretary,

Following your recent article in The Daily Telegraph, I could not help but issue some form of rebuttal to the ‘incomplete’ information you provided to readers which has, unsurprisingly, been welcomed by your ERG flag-bearers. As a student of politics, as a self-imposed rule, I have always taken what politicians state with profound scepticism and, therefore, seek to delve beneath the surface of your rhetoric in order to understand the points that have been made.


Africa without International Aid?

In recent times, some have urged that exceeded amount of foreign aid might be causing more harm on the long run; suggesting that it leaves a nation in debt, demotivates local professionals and also lacks a clear blueprint which would not be interfered by poverty. The aid provided may appear as an act of generosity to the open audience, whilst they set up the scene through an open invitation for various nation to explore the African continent; with closed plans of performing behind tall curtains guarded by various leaders, and perhaps exploit the continent’s resources.

Protection vs Rights: The never ending battle.

The Government is currently pushing the "Counter Terrorism and Border Security Bill" through the House of Commons, so this raises the question, does this Bill infringe on our rights as a citizenry and will it actually be effective in its goals?


Could Donald learn from Ronald?

To many, the state of North Korean affairs has been, since the election of Donald Trump as American President, a scary and turbulent time especially, when you look at Twitter. Although relations were not good during Barack Obama’s administration, Obama did not have the urges to tweet every thought which meant there was less drama or, to put it plainly, a more controlled and official approach to how news flowed out of the White House. 

EU referendum

Another one, another one, and another one! Is another EU referendum undemocratic?

The question of having another EU referendum and whether having another is undemocratic or not has been a topic of discussion since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union on the 23rd June 2016. Although to many, it was the first ‘EU’ referendum it is important to remember that in 1975 there was a referendum on whether to stay in the EEC now known as the European Union.


Is the UK’s debt underestimated? Do you know the debt and its costs?

Some of you may have heard of the recent headlines ‘Government borrowing is at an 11-year low’. However, do we as individual members of the public really know the extent of our debt and what it costs us annually?

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Float like a butterfly, sting like a...butterfly?

The ‘Lib Dem Fightback’ was promised three years ago but it never materialised. Is the party about to turn a corner and experience an upturn in fortunes?

Smooth Criminal.

Since 2010 the number of serving police officers has fallen from 171,600 to 126,252 officers in September of 2017, equating to a decrease of 12.4%.This leads to the question of what can be done to help reduce and prevent crime?

What is Parliament playing at?

Theresa May’s Conservative Minority, Power-Sharing, Buying of Votes, whatever you want to call it, falls shy of a Government for many reasons, but none are more crucial, more important to our democracy, than the severe lack of legislation going through Parliament. 


Prerogative vs Parliament: The question that the Government now faces.

Let us not deny that the horrendous images we have seen over the last few days has not struck at every single moral fibre in our bodies. We have seen images of hurt, images of pain, and, worst of all, images of death. It is horrid to think that, in this day and age, we as individuals attribute this as a normal day in the life of a Syrian civilian. It is beyond disgusting and we must act, but the argument is how?


Now is not the time to become complacent Mrs. May!

It is most probably true that right now Downing street will be breathing a sigh of relief that the beady public eye is not affixed to Mrs. Mays every move like it usually is.

Oh Jeremy Corbyn

So, what is wrong with the Labour Party? Why are Labour trailing in the polls after 8 years of austerity under two Conservative Prime Ministers?

Two words, Democracy and Spin.